Lamp Post

Lamp posts suddenly seem to become obvious in November when the evenings get really dark. They are prosaic things but somehow manage to seem like a kind of separate and quite friendly life form.

I was thinking about the job they do, and at the same time about Coleridge’s ‘conversation poems’ which make great use of exclamation marks. It bothered me that this meaningful and useful kind of emphasis has been much misused on Twitter as if it can validate strange and wrong things said in capital letters.

And this year we all seem influenced by an ambient awareness of the double threat of the virus – which will go in waves and maybe go altogether because of great efforts put in to combat it – and climate change, which is still going the wrong way.

Neil constantly writes evocative tunes and unless something happens they tend to vanish, so I am very glad that he dreamed up this tune and it’s captured here to provide a frame and air around the words. He also did all the technical stuff.

The photos are mainly places around Stony Stratford and Cockermouth!


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