Carpe Diem ( from my sister Kate)

(My birthday is 14.03.1950 and I was christened Marilyn Wendy.
My sister Kate is 4 years younger than me. I love this poem!!)

Carpe Diem Marilyn@70×365

we live far apart
we stick close together
we both love the land
in all kinds of weather
brought up on a diet of sarcasm and drink,
of popman and breadman and
weird things for tea
of scooters and baking and tents by the sea,
of handkerchief dresses and kick the can,
of ribbons and grey socks and fish from a van,
of a family as tough as a family can be,
with dresses for Whitsun and clips round the ear,
we know what we think, though
we’ve learned not to say,
not great at retiring
we still seize the day,
you’ll always be smaller
you’re probably bolder,
I’ll always be taller.
You’ll always be older

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